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Posted March 7, 2015 by Kaine Rosado in Artists



The clarinet player turned DJ Producer comes from a family of musicians hailing from South Wales U.K. but was raised in Vancouver British Columbia.

Educated at the Langley School of Fine Arts and McGill University Montreal he was inspired to play guitar bass keyboards piano and drums before becoming a top clarinet player. Performing with the Surrey Youth Orchestra the Vancouver Summer Pop Youth Orchestra and winning gold at the Kiwanis International Fraser Valley Music Festival. Collaborating with his father Richard arranged and produced three very successful albums featuring many genres of music including classical jazz and pop and his vast knowledge and brilliant natural creativity has enabled him to pursue music production by merging classical jazz with todays electronic revolution.

With already a massive hit Stupidisco reaching number 11 on the top Beatport Charts his upcoming releases and remixes are highly anticipated by thousands worldwide.

An internationally respected DJ his impeccable track record as a professional energetic cutting edge artist continues to propel him to new heights. His upcoming releases will be featured on Prestigious labels CR2 Records Hotfingers and Perfecto Records.


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