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Posted March 5, 2015 by Kaine Rosado in Artists



In an age when being a DJ is as common as traffic in Los Angeles gambling and debauchery in Las Vegas and snow in New York it has become an increasingly difficult task to filter out hearing impaired DJs from pure talent. A Los Feliz native by the name of DJ Skratchy has quickly risen through the ranks to become an industry elite respected not only by industry peers but also by crowds all over the U.S. His talent although has not been an over night success.

DJ Skratchy started paying his dues at the young age of 14 in the early 90s. While most people his age where heading to the theatres to watch Independence Day or Jerry Maguire DJ Skratchy was converting his love for music onto his turntables. His diligent practice soon had him carrying around crates of records and heavy equipment to play at the local Bring Your Own Beer house parties. Eventually as the years progressed DJ Skratchy graduated into the notorious Hollywood Club Scene.

Fast-forward a couple years and DJs Skratchy can most likely be spotted in Hollywood hot spots or at the airport on his way to other U.S destinations to headline clubs. He currently can also be found every week playing a methodical blend of all genres of crowd pleasing music at various nightclubs in Las Vegas. Besides headlining some of the hottest spots DJ Skratchy is also part of the infamous SKAM Artist crew which is nationally recognized for being one of the industries most elite DJ crews.


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