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Songkick Bowing To Pressure From Live Nation And Ticket

Posted October 22, 2017 by Kaine Rosado in EDM UPDATES GOSSIP AND EVENTS

Songkick has been providing concert goers and fans with music discovery and concert tickets for just over a decade. The platform will no longer be selling tickets after this month, citing that it`s crumbling under pressure from big-business ticket platforms.

Earlier this year, Songkick sold most of its assets to Warner Music. Among those assets were the brand name and mobile app. Concert goers and fans will need to head back to the roots and utilize other music discovery platforms such as Ticketmaster. On the other hand, Ticketmaster, has become notorious for its unstable systems and high fees, driving ticket prices through the roof. This was one of the main reasons fans abandoned the Ticketmaster ship.

Songkick was co-founded by Matt Jones back in 2007. He now sits as the company`s CEO. Songkick was one of the pioneers in ticket sales and local music discovery. However, the industry has since evolved and saw larger and updated platforms from the likes of Live Nation and Ticketmaster.

Songkick has been in an on-going legal battle with Ticketmaster for two years. When Songkick merged with CrowdSurge, Ticketmaster hired a one-time employee that had proprietary information, which allowed Ticketmaster to dissuade prospective Songkick customers to choose their services over Songkick`s. The lawsuit will continue in the foreseeable future, even after Songkick closes its doors.

Jones stated that Songkick was going to “bow to pressure from Live Nation and Ticketmaster” and that they`ve “effectively blocked our U.S. ticketing business.”

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